body loom project

Wall hanging, 4′ x 6′ not including driftwood and lower left tassels.

Currently at Beautiful Dreamers.

Photos by Sterling Batson.

Yarn of all weights and varieties like wool, raw wool, alpaca, baby alpaca, cashmere, merino wool, silk, cotton, bamboo, some hand spun, some hand dyed and a very small amount of synthetic materials.  From places like Oregon, Peru, Canada, Japan, Spain, Italy and others.

Mounted on found driftwood from the rocks along the East River on the Brooklyn side.

we will save your sole…

Here’s a good before and after of some vintage finds.  These cream suede shoes are great but the soles were plastic, dry and cracked, and the heel had lines on it like it was a stacked heel with a rubber lift but it was all one block of plastic…

Now they have a nice new thin dress weight leather full sole, with a rubber protective sole that can be replaced for long life, and a real stacked leather heel and rubber lift.  There is also more of an angle to the heel and the suede was cleaned and brushed.