The morning I left Vancouver for New York City, I tossed a pair of moccasins on the line out front.  Elena sent me photos she took of the sun bleached moccs not long after.  This is one of them.

photo: elena prins


My three B’s…  Babe, Bike, and Belt.  Super skinny, 1/4 of an inch wide, and black as night.

Been working for a while on these twelve strand hand woven leather belts.  With fringe!  They’re made from Kangaroo so they’re super strong and beautiful.  They can be made in any length and come in this whiskey color and black.  They are about 1 inch wide.

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Just made these with a leather sole.  The main reason for this, other than it’s old fashioned and elegant finished look, is that I can shape and groove it by hand not having a machine finisher at the new space.  A 3 1/2 mm  rubber heel and 1/2 mm protective sole can be added upon request.  Do it.

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