we will dye for you.

This is a great before and after of some dye work.  These boots were showing quite a bit of wear.  Scuffs showing, one of the toes needed a patch and they got some new soles.

The result is pretty dramatic.  The cream laces and the zipper left it’s original color give a striking contrast.


we will heel you

Got some heels that you’ve worn down to nubs and now don’t know if they’re too far gone?  These were worn almost as far as you can wear them and this picture shows the leather build-ups that bring them up to the right height and square with a rubber heel that hasn’t been trimmed yet.

Here they are after being stained and trimmed.  Good as new.  She also got new half soles and one of the back straps patched.

we will save your sole

Think they’re a lost cause?  Maybe not.  Here’s a before and after of some pretty destroyed soles.

Here’s the after.  Had to make a new welt to replace the old one then re-cork before re-soling.  There is a section of rubber at the toe (often the first place the sole wears) to extend the life of these new soles.  It blends right in and still maintains the customers desired effect of the leather soled dress shoe.