we will save your sole…

Here’s a good before and after of some vintage finds.  These cream suede shoes are great but the soles were plastic, dry and cracked, and the heel had lines on it like it was a stacked heel with a rubber lift but it was all one block of plastic…

Now they have a nice new thin dress weight leather full sole, with a rubber protective sole that can be replaced for long life, and a real stacked leather heel and rubber lift.  There is also more of an angle to the heel and the suede was cleaned and brushed.


Made from 3/4 inch wide veg tanned horse belly, crab claw hardware, with your initials.

Stumbled across these at an estate sale on Saturday.  Not sure exactly how old they are.  They’re 40 inches of super soft mercerized cotton laces.  The Bostonian’s are a nice solid brown.  The Ace’s are almost a military green but if you look close they have a burgundy thread running through them.  So cool.

we will heel you and we will save your sole.


Here’s the before of some well made, well worn combat boots.  The heels were worn past the rubber and the bases were coming away from the boot itself.  The wooden heel bases were discarded and new leather stacked bases were made.  The old half soles were also coming off and needed replacing.

These are the boots with the new stacked leather heels.  The leather is cemented and stacked then nailed from the inside before the rubber top lift is added.  A dress weight rubber sole was chosen for it’s durability in rain and snow while still maintaining a nice profile.